M/V Digno

Ship's particulars
Name: Dingo Type of Vessel: General Cargo
IMO No: 8206806 Kiel date: 1988
Call Sign: R5U2682 Gross Tonnage: 2059
Flag: Cook Islands ISM Company: VEDELMAR SHIPPING S.A.
Classification Society / RO: PRS Owner: AIGIALI SHIPPPING S.A.

Summary of Inspection:

The ship was originally named the M/V Duatepe-S but changed its name in 2013 to M/V Digno. It trades mostly along the North American East Coast and the Caribbean. Most of its inspections in the Caribbean region have been completed in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The vessel berthed in Matanzas Bay, Cuba on March 20, 2018 and was selected for inspection due to its high result on the CMOU targeting matrix. This vessel was previously inspected in the Dominican Republic in June of 2016 and had no deficiencies recorded. Its last inspection in Cuba in January of 2016 had four (4) deficiencies recorded. The PSCO boarded the ship and carried out his inspection with the following summary of deficiencies including those detainable deficiencies.


Inspection Information:
Deficiency Identified Deficiency Code
01201- Second Eng. and one Deck Officer without flag endorsement  17
13101- Main Engine. Dirty and oil leakage. 17
07106- E.R: Fire detectors and alarm system out of service 17
13107- E.R, Lack of lighting. 17
09229- Winches and capstains corroded 17
02117- Main deck. Corroded 17
13107- E:R: Bottom water intakes. Corroded and bad conditions 17
02117- Hatch Covers corroded 17
13102- Auxiliary Engine Nr 2. Dirty and Oil leakage 17
02111- Beam, frames, and floors corroded 16
02101-Main Deck. Watertight doors corroded 17
03108- Cargo hatch ventilators fans. Lack of maintenance 16
02117- Hydraulic lines. Lack of maintenance and sections corroded 17
09222- Cargo gear derricks. Lack of maintenance 17
03108 –Forecastle vents. Lack of maintenance. 16
15102 – Not evidence of Company Internal Audit from 2014 30

Detention follow up:

1.-The Detention was informed to the Captain, Owner and Charters

2.- The PSCO collected all Certificates and contacted the Harbor Master to inform of the detention.



The repair was very expensive to release vessel, for this reason the owner decided to send to scrap.